When will you launch?
MAB Turtle collection will launch 10th Oct @ 5PM UTC
What's your contract address?
What are the benefits of MAB Turtle Holders?
  • Discounts and advantages on our upcoming NFT Marketplace
  • Unique giveaways as the mint progress, like iPhones and ETH airdrops
  • Chance to join free and early minting program of selected partners
How do I mint MAB Turtles?
Directly from our dApp. Remember that you can mint if for free if you own an NFT of our partner projects, or if you use one of our BigBang Cards.
BigBang Cards allows you to have unique rarity traits inside your turtle.
Which are your partner projects?
So far we have selected 3 partner projects.
How do I mint BigBang Cards?
Directly from our dApp. If there are no more Cards available for minting, you can find them on OpenSea or on Rarible.
Why BigBang Cards?
To put the fun of creating something cool and different. While traditional minting of a character requires you to pay directly to mint the element, with our Gamified process you'll need one (or more cards) to mint a Turtle. These Cards are the BigBang Cards.

Let's say you have an "iron" card, and you use it for minting a Turtle. That specific turtle will have something connected to iron, like a hammer or .... something more cool and unique.
Do you have easter eggs in your BigBang Card?
Of course! Starting from some prizes hidden for the users that will mint Special NFTs. 1 NFt out of 1000 will have a special content, maybe related to cryptospace or maybe not. Who knows!
Are you building a story around your platform?
Of course! We believe each NFT needs to have a story, even more if the goal of the project is to gamify the creation of NFTs.

We have seen a market flooded of pre-computed NFTs. We , instead, will give the power of choice to the final user. Using the right cards, at the right moment, you will be able to unlock special rarities to the turtle. We made 130 millions different combinations of Turtles. Only 8,888 will be minted, thus rarities will be generated based on users' actions and choices.

Read more about the story and the bootstrap process here.
How does the final platform will work?
You're a collector, trying to give a new look to one or more of your NFTs. You enter Makeable.Art platform, find a verified, valuable artist and connect with him.
The Makeable process, that's how we call it, begins with you (the Collector) creating a request on our dApp, and attaching one or more NFTs you own. The artist, on the other side, receives the request (plus a fee), and starting from the NFTs attached, produces a unique, brand new NFT.

The output is a new NFT, deployed on the chain and owned by collector. This new NFT is a special ERC-721 contract, that will contain the original NFTs as a proof of its history.

This is our way to support artists like we are. Read more about the process here.
Who are you?
We are a team of engineers and designers. We have been working around this concept for months, in silence, and we think that now is the right moment to release what we've been planned for so long. Hope you will enjoy the ride with us!
Let's the Art begin!