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What is Makeable.Art?

Artists and collectors are the true engine behind NFTs, the mutual power that enrich this space. What if we gamify the process of NFT creation, connecting them into a unique platform?

Makeable.Art is the response to this challenge: a dApp platform with an original user flow, where decentralization, creativity and uniqueness find their place.

Designed by a team of artists, engineers, designers and creators, the challenge it faces goes way behind what you've been used to.

How does it work?

You're a collector, trying to give a new look to one or more of your NFTs. You enter Makeable.Art platform, find a verified, valuable artist and connect with him.

The Makeable process, that's how we call it, begins with you (the Collector) creating a request on our dApp, and attaching one or more NFTs you own.

The artist, on the other side, receives the request (plus a fee), and starting from the NFTs attached, produces a unique, brand new NFT.

The output is a new NFT, deployed on the chain and owned by collector. This new NFT is a special ERC-721 contract, that will contain the original NFTs as a proof of its history.

How to bootstrap this idea?

Gamifying with 3 collections, each one introducing a key aspect of our Makeable process.

The very first one (BigBang - 15th Sept. 2021) creates a core base of elements necessary for minting upcoming collections, and win amazing prizes.

The second one (Early Art - October 2021) allows you to mint our MAB Turtle. The Turtle you will mint depends on the BigBang Cards used.

Finally, on November 2021) introduces the connection with artists: users will be able to send one or more NFTs to produce a unique, new one.

Are you ready to join the NFT revolution?

How to mint MAB Turtles

Gamify mint is a two steps process, allowing you to have better control over the final output

1. Connect your wallet on dApp

Navigate to and connect your wallet. Choose the number of Turtles and click the mint button (0.04ETH per turtle)

2. Use Cards to Free mint Turtles

Use your BigBang Cards, or get more, and mint Turtles for free! Use 1 or 2 cards per turtle: cards can be used once and will customize the final turtle!

Go to Mint dApp

Partner Programs

If you own one NFT of the following projects, go to our dApp and click "Free Mint" button!
888 Turtles can be claimed for free!

SpacePunks Club

The Space Punks Club is a collection of 10,000 AI-generated collectibles levitating on the Ethereum Blockchain. All 10,000 Space Punks are programmatically randomly generated from 156 attributes hand-drawn by Seagull7x exclusively for this project.
OpenSea Collection


10,000 2 dimensional emoji combos fused into collectible monsters. They will always love you... we think.
OpenSea Collection


A collection of 1000 Unique Crypto Apes that are living on the Ethereum Blockchain Society! Not affiliated with Larva Labs or any other NFT project.
OpenSea Collection

Our Roadmap

A step-by-step process to bootstrap our platform and launch an innovative NFT platform
Go to our dapp

BigBang Cards creation

BigBang Cards are the core of our bootstrap process. Those cards feature a series of elements (with some Easter Eggs) and are necessary to mint for FREE our MAB Turtle.

MAB Turtle minting

10th October @ 5PM UTC
It's Turtle time! Use your BigBang cards to mint our Turtle for free (pay only gas). There are 130.000.000 possible combinations, but only 8,888 can be minted. The combination of BigBang Cards used decided how the Turtles looks like. Remember: once you use a Card, it is gone! So grab lots of cards if you want to mint lots of turtles!

Turtle Charity Pick

We have chosen a Turtle because we want to actively support communities that are protecting this little animal, often under the risk of extinction. This is why we'll devolve part of our funding and OpenSea fees to associations supporting Turtles all over the world.

dApp platform release

It's time to let the artists begin the show! We will celebrate the launch of our dApp with a dedicate collcetion (Cilivization) that will be filled with NFTs created by our artists, starting from the NFTs you'll provide them. Only 500 spots available in this collection!

Cross-chain NFT compatibility

MARCH 2022
Ethereum is the main one, but we know there are other chains that are gaining more and more attention. We will connect with them too, allowing you to combine your NFTs from multiple chains.

Our NFT Collections

3 NFT collections to go from scratch to the stable version of our dApp and project.

BigBang Cards

Release 15th September

Unique NFT Cards, setting the bases for future minting. Each card is a unique combination of an image and a quote, for a total of 10,000 NFTs generated

BigBang Cards Details →

Early art - MAB Turtle

Release 10th October @ 5PM UTC

Free mint our MAB Turtle using BigBang Cards. Accessories, characteristics and rarity? All decided by the Cards used to mint them. No pre-computed rarity!

MAB Turtle Details →


Release November 2021

Connect with artists! Let them generate one or more unique NFTs using BigBang Cards or MAB Turtles. Output is the product of your NFT and artist's phantasy.

Civilization Details →
Read more about our Roadmap


The Draw

Designer & Creator


Engineer & Solidity developer
Let's the Art begin!